Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Friday Love

Eight years ago I moved to Northern Virginia because I got my first job as a school counselor. I hardly knew anyone in the area. I think I had one friend that lived here, no one else. Eight years ago, Dana Stevenson became one of my very first friends that I made here. We shared a tiny hallway in the back of the office at our school. Last Friday, Dana died. I was sad when Dana moved out of our hallway two years ago for a bigger, better office, one maybe about ten feet further from me...now I go to BES without her. It's still hard to comprehend. 

Dana was one of this world's brightest lights. If you knew Dana, you loved her. Everything about her was contagious. Her laughter, her smile, everything. She was a quick wit, always had wonderful advice, was incredibly generous, and always kept it real. No sugar coating. Her delivery was impeccable...perfect timing for everything be it funny or serious. We shared a love for cooking and food. The memories that I have of her over the last eight years are filled with pure joy. The Summer of Yes, nights out in Arlington, getting kicked out of Katerina's, talking about food, making cupcakes for a wedding, leap day birthdays, sharing students, and just everyday chit chats on the couch in my office are all things that will live in my heart forever. 

She will be missed deeply. We love you, Dana. 

Six Months

Quinn is six months old! Plus some...this post might be a little late :) We have been flying by the seat of our pants a little bit this last month. Life with two full-time jobs, a part-time job, a baby and all the other life responsibilities is tough, and when we do get some down time, the blog is not the first thing I want to tackle. Usually I fall asleep on the couch instead.

Anyway, back to the six month update. Quinn is getting so big. At her six month well check she was 16 pounds (50th percentile) and 26.75 inches (just about 90th percentile). Sleep has still been a bit of a struggle this month, but things are starting to turn a corner - I hope I didn't just jinx myself. We are still experimenting with giving you solids, learning what you like, and when to feed them to you.

Last month you were just beginning to sit, but now sit very well independently. You still love standing and you can stand holding on to things by yourself for a few seconds at a time. Instead of using your legs and feet to push forward, you have been using them to turn yourself in circles. You also like to be scared. At first you get startled, but then you laugh hysterically. Your babbling is beginning to sound more like real words, and you love chatting it up with people.

We celebrated Easter in Pittsburgh...it was quite a trip. Your dad got the flu and the two of us decided to make the trip at the very last minute. You were so good in the car! We continue to be so blessed with such a well behaved baby. You are happy and funny, and have begun to like to give hugs.

You are still happy going with your babysitter each day and you love playing and reading before bed with both your mom and dad. This past month we started "playing soccer" and you love it. You are also enjoying your exersaucer, stacking cups, and anything you can put in your mouth. This month has already brought big changes (more on those in the hopefully timely seven months post) and we look forward to everything else as you continue to grow!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Five Months!

Quinn! You are five months old today! The last month has gone by so quickly. It has also been a month of many, many milestones and changes. On March 6th your first two teeth popped through! This is also about the time you decided sleeping through the night was not your thing anymore. At first I blamed it on the teeth, now I don't think you have any excuses. We are slowly working this out, and your parents are really looking forward to uninterrupted sleep returning to your list of strengths.

You have recently become the queen of rolling. You roll from back to tummy any time we put you down to play. When you get to your tummy you are happy for a few minutes, but then realize you just put yourself on tummy time and start to yell at us. Somehow you have forgotten that you know how to roll off your stomach. As soon as we help you get back to your back you roll right back over and start yelling again. Silly girl! You are also able to sit by yourself for a few seconds at a time, or if you put your hands down to support yourself you can go much longer. I can tell it won't be much longer until you are sitting up by yourself consistently. It's very obvious to us that you are very ready to be on the move. You try to escape your rock and play, you go after everything, and kick your legs and flail your arms to try to propel yourself forward. I'm worried we will have a wild child on our hands in no time at all.


Another recent development is real food! Your doctor told us to start solids at four months, but we were conflicted about waiting until six months. We decided to compromise at five months...cause we don't really have any idea what we are doing. A few weeks ago we gave you a few tiny licks of the food we had with our dinners (avocado and sweet potatoes) and you seemed unfazed. We started for real with peas this week. I have to say you don't seem to be a fan, but I guess who really loves peas.

You still love reading, standing up, chatting it up, and you are just the happiest, most easy going baby. This month you also started blowing lot of bubbles at us, and you are interested in everything we are doing. When you get impatient in your exersaucer during "grown up dinner" you love to play with all the different containers on the dinner table. In addition to reaching for toys, food, and anything else you might decide is so interesting, you love to reach out to touch our faces and pull hair.

You are doing great during the day while we are at work. You love your babysitter and her kids. When I drop you off in the mornings you stare, especially at the boys, and love to watch everything that is going on at their house. With the weather getting warmer you have been able to go on walks during the day with her and on the weekends when we are home together. Sometimes when we get home in the afternoons we sit on the porch in your exersaucer or just to watch the birds and blowing trees. You are interested in everything!

I can't believe next month you will be half a year old! You are growing so fast and we love you more and more each day!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Love

My {Friday Love} posts are few and far between these days, but I'm OK with it. Blogging in general has gone by the wayside, but Q will only be small once and it's more important to hang out with her in my spare moments (also few and far between). Today we had a "snow day" and sweet Q just somehow put herself to sleep, so I thought I would get a quick post in while I watch an episode of Fuller House (not Friday Love worthy). Enjoy your weekend!


Breakfast Burritos. So pre-Quinn I ate a leisurely breakfast of whatever I wanted with two hands while sitting on the couch procrastinating going to work and watching the Today Show. That sounds nice. Now I'm A. STARVING at all times (though this is getting better), and B. trying to feed another person their breakfast while trying to simultaneously eat mine, and make sure everyone's breakfast gets in only their mouth and stays there. So to combat the starving problem, and the eating at the same time dilemma, I decided to try to pre-make breakfast burritos on Sunday to freeze and eat all week. It worked! I felt like they kept me decently full, they are at least somewhat healthy, and I can eat them one handed.


Random Snow Day. I'm not really sure why today was deemed a Code Red day, but I will take it! I never really saw any snow, but I heard there might be some last night on the news. To celebrate the day we went out to lunch! Since I went back to work after maternity leave we have had 9 snow days and a delay. We also had off on Tuesday for the primary election. It's been really nice!


Wiggly Jiggly Wigglasaurus. This fine piece of literature is Quinn's first favorite book. She loves it. And if you are thinking ,"OK crazy lady four month olds don't have favorite books," I don't blame you, but it's true. Every time we read it to her she starts laughing hysterically and actually tries to turn the pages. She also likes to eat Wiggly Jiggly Wigglasaurus.

And I know there are typically five things I post about, but I ran out of time! Don't you all go rushing to your local library to find Wiggly Jiggly Wigglasaurus!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Four Months

Four months old! That's one third of the first year! Our little baby Q is changing so much each week. She actually turned four months on Monday, but I delayed this post because I wanted to wait until after her well visit to the doctor to give accurate statistics on her height and weight. She is now 13 pounds, 13 ounces and 25 inches tall. She is also very strong. She loves standing up, loves pulling her mother's hair, and will soon be all over my glasses, luckily she can't quite get them yet. This past weekend we brought out her exersaucer to see how that would go. She is still a little small, but I'm sure she will have it totally mastered in no time.

Quinn has had a lot of big changes this month. First she stayed home without either of us during the day, and then the biggest change, she started going to her babysitter. We are on week three of her at daycare and things seem to be going very well. We are very thankful for the situation that found us this year (more on this later), and Quinn seems to be happy each day! It's been as smooth a transition as we could hope for. In addition to daycare, Quinn also started swim lessons. Mostly she is concerned with watching the other babies and trying to drink the water. This is totally typical of her personality...she needs to know everything that's going on. She's nosey! In addition to her curiosity she is happy and sweet, and loves to smile and laugh.

She's always been a talker and has added blowing bubbles and some serious screeches to her daily language. She is still sleeping through the night on most nights, but is not the best napper. Hopefully napping will eventually fall back into place. She is also trying very hard to roll from back to tummy, but I think her head is just a little too heavy to flip over. She loves playing with her toys, grabbing them, holding them, and now everything has to go in her mouth. Other milestones reached include finding her feet, surviving a blizzard, headlining in a Pat Collins news story, and being baptized.

It's been an eventful month, but we know it will only continue to get more exciting as she grows. We are looking forward to exploring some solids in the near future, spring break, more swimming, and whatever else this month decides to surprise us with! We love you, Q!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Life Lately

It has been so long since I have had a minute to write a post. Today we have a SNOW DAY, so I am making time to get this post done. We have had a lot go down in the past three weeks. All good things, really. We have just been so busy.

Right after I went back to work, Matt took his paternity leave, then his parents came to keep Quinn for a week (also the week I had off for the craziest snow storm I've ever seen), then we had my aunt come to stay with us the following week. All of this to delay Quinn going to daycare as long as we could. We decided this even before we decided what we were doing for childcare. So basically we have been slowly transitioning to our new normal over the last month. The transition has honestly been so smooth, and so wonderful. I am so thankful for Matt having leave, and for the family that helped us out for a few weeks. Quinn started at her babysitter last Monday and that has been pretty seamless as well. I plan to write a similar 'Day in the Life' post to the one I wrote while on maternity leave in December.

At the end of January we went to Pittsburgh for the weekend and had Quinn baptized at the church where we were married. We were so lucky to have both of our families be able to be there. We also got to meet our nephew and Quinn's 'little' cousin. They were born just four weeks apart.

This past weekend we started swim class with baby Q. When my aunt was in town we went to dinner and our waiter told us about a free (until six months) baby swim class. I called to see about weekend availability and they were able to get her in just a week and a half later. We had a lot of fun on Sunday, and Quinn did pretty well too, she was either happy and/or kind of unfazed by the whole thing. So far, I think they teach the babies to kick and how to swim to and grab on to the wall of the pool. I'm already really looking forward to next week!

Hopefully now that we are settling into our new routine, I will have time to update more as things are happening. Next week Quinn will already be four months old! So hard to believe.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Blizzard 2016

In case you haven't heard, there was some snow here in Virginia over the weekend. Holy cow! I can tell you that this is definitely the most snow I have seen at one time in my whole life. It's really hard to be sure how many inches we got because of all the crazy drifting, but I read an official report of 34 inches for our town. At one point on Saturday afternoon I had to go across the street to my neighbor's house to feed her cat because she was stranded at work and the snow was up to my hips in some spots.

I have to tell you, the recent weather has made going back to work seem easy. So far the majority of the days have been snow days :) Major bonus. Matt has also been home due to taking his paternity leave after I went back and now he will have the day off tomorrow too. Life is pretty great.

To entertain ourselves during the storm we participated in our first Pat Collins Snow Stick Challenge. The theme was 'Cabin Fever Cure.' We love how our submission turned out. For those of you not familiar with Pat Collins and his Snow Stick, all I can say is that it's a very coveted prize here in the DMV. We also cleaned the house and did lots of laundry and of course a lot of shoveling! Yesterday (and today) was absolutely beautiful. The sun was out in full force and it didn't even feel super cold. We took Quinn out for a little bit in her snowsuit. The girl was so warm and cozy in there she fell asleep! On that note, I leave you with some pictures :)