Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas at The White House

The Cross Hall and Grand Foyer with the Blue Room tree in the background
Yesterday Matt and I went to the White House! Back in July, when we were on a mission to be tourists in our own city, we asked for a tour. I suggested Christmas time so that we could see it all decorated. Little did we know at the time that it would be perfect timing with the program that we went to at the Archives on Thursday. The program definitely helped me spot details and know a little bit extra background information.

The Blue Room's 18 foot tree, decorated with the theme America the Beautiful
Close up of the 2,000 ornaments
This post is going to be few on words and heavy on pictures. Overall the tour was only OK. It is self guided and you don't get to see much of the White House. I suppose security really should be the priority. And speaking of security, it took us longer to actually get into the White House than the time we actually spent inside. Those things mentioned, I'm still glad we went. The decorations are very beautiful and the whole place smelled so good. It really just smelled like you think Christmas should smell! And obviously it's really neat to be inside. I leave you with the rest of the pictures and the details I remember :)

The White House Library
Vermeil Room
The China Room, decorated with Gingerbread Cookies

The East Room
The State Dining Room displayed the decorating theme this year, Winter Wonderland
The 300 pound Gingerbread White House 
A close-up of the trees in the Cross Hall and Grand Foyer
The icicles, snowflakes, and stars on the trees and trims represent a child's wonder
In front of The White House, we didn't even have to jump the fence!

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