Sunday, October 2, 2016

Eleven Months

Quinn turned eleven months old on September 22! We are officially on the final countdown to her first birthday! We had no well check this month, but I would estimate she is a little over 19 pounds and getting taller and taller. I am looking forward to knowing official stats at her first year appointment. What I can tell you for sure is that she is still happy, funny, smart, curious, and strong willed. She got her first molar and canine tooth recently...bringing the current total to 10 teeth.

The biggest change from ten to eleven months was being in daycare full time. This year we have her going to a home daycare in our neighborhood. She is the youngest by one month and there are about 4-6 kids there at a time. Quinn proved herself quite the diva the first few weeks. She wanted all the attention all the time. She would get very jealous if her sitter would help or hold someone else. She has been doing better the last week or so, but it was rough there for a little.

Quinn is still keeping a great routine. She wakes up at about 6:30 everyday and goes to bed around 8. She takes about an hour long morning nap, and usually a two hour afternoon nap. She has milk three times a day and eats solids for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus an afternoon snack. She eats A LOT. I really don't know where she puts it all. Current favorites include pasta, peas, beets, pretty much any fruit, cheese, really anything. She is currently on a meat strike though. Occasionally she will surprise me and eat some, but usually not. She still does not enjoy time in her high chair...or her car seat for that matter.

First Chipotle!
She still loves board books and reading. She is also starting to figure out fitting shapes into the appropriate holes and stacking. She still likes golfing and rolling things under the couch for us to help her get. She is starting to mimic more and more...she likes to stick her tongue out and yell back and forth. If you tell her to go find things for you, she will...go get elmo, baby, cancun kitty, shoes, water, ball, book, etc. She is starting to do more baby signs (dog, more, all done, milk, thank you, happy).

We are looking forward to all the new things she learns this month and celebrating her first birthday in less than three weeks!!!


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