Thursday, July 11, 2013

Recipes of the Week!

I know what you are probably thinking..."didn't this blog use to feature recipes?!?!" Well yes, friend, it did. I swear I still cook. I really do...almost every night. I guess maybe I'm in a small slump. I have been making stuff I've already posted, or just normal stuff. The thing I am most upset about though is that we had a housewarming party and I made all these new recipes that I really liked and then was in such a fluster that I forgot to take pictures. I could post the recipes without pictures, but I hate when magazines do that. I do have one coming up for some yum chicken...I promise.

On another note...I can now blog from my phone. I'm doing it right now. Technology. The babysitting lifestyle is rough these days. Pool weather is at a serious minimum this summer.  My sun worshipping ways are suffering, but I hear thats for the best. Here are a few pics from our week so far.

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