Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Five Months!

Quinn! You are five months old today! The last month has gone by so quickly. It has also been a month of many, many milestones and changes. On March 6th your first two teeth popped through! This is also about the time you decided sleeping through the night was not your thing anymore. At first I blamed it on the teeth, now I don't think you have any excuses. We are slowly working this out, and your parents are really looking forward to uninterrupted sleep returning to your list of strengths.

You have recently become the queen of rolling. You roll from back to tummy any time we put you down to play. When you get to your tummy you are happy for a few minutes, but then realize you just put yourself on tummy time and start to yell at us. Somehow you have forgotten that you know how to roll off your stomach. As soon as we help you get back to your back you roll right back over and start yelling again. Silly girl! You are also able to sit by yourself for a few seconds at a time, or if you put your hands down to support yourself you can go much longer. I can tell it won't be much longer until you are sitting up by yourself consistently. It's very obvious to us that you are very ready to be on the move. You try to escape your rock and play, you go after everything, and kick your legs and flail your arms to try to propel yourself forward. I'm worried we will have a wild child on our hands in no time at all.

Another recent development is real food! Your doctor told us to start solids at four months, but we were conflicted about waiting until six months. We decided to compromise at five months...cause we don't really have any idea what we are doing. A few weeks ago we gave you a few tiny licks of the food we had with our dinners (avocado and sweet potatoes) and you seemed unfazed. We started for real with peas this week. I have to say you don't seem to be a fan, but I guess who really loves peas.

You still love reading, standing up, chatting it up, and you are just the happiest, most easy going baby. This month you also started blowing lot of bubbles at us, and you are interested in everything we are doing. When you get impatient in your exersaucer during "grown up dinner" you love to play with all the different containers on the dinner table. In addition to reaching for toys, food, and anything else you might decide is so interesting, you love to reach out to touch our faces and pull hair.

You are doing great during the day while we are at work. You love your babysitter and her kids. When I drop you off in the mornings you stare, especially at the boys, and love to watch everything that is going on at their house. With the weather getting warmer you have been able to go on walks during the day with her and on the weekends when we are home together. Sometimes when we get home in the afternoons we sit on the porch in your exersaucer or just to watch the birds and blowing trees. You are interested in everything!

I can't believe next month you will be half a year old! You are growing so fast and we love you more and more each day!


  1. She is adorable. What a treasure your blogs will be for as she grows.

  2. She is adorable. What a treasure your blogs will be for as she grows.

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