Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Love

My {Friday Love} posts are few and far between these days, but I'm OK with it. Blogging in general has gone by the wayside, but Q will only be small once and it's more important to hang out with her in my spare moments (also few and far between). Today we had a "snow day" and sweet Q just somehow put herself to sleep, so I thought I would get a quick post in while I watch an episode of Fuller House (not Friday Love worthy). Enjoy your weekend!


Breakfast Burritos. So pre-Quinn I ate a leisurely breakfast of whatever I wanted with two hands while sitting on the couch procrastinating going to work and watching the Today Show. That sounds nice. Now I'm A. STARVING at all times (though this is getting better), and B. trying to feed another person their breakfast while trying to simultaneously eat mine, and make sure everyone's breakfast gets in only their mouth and stays there. So to combat the starving problem, and the eating at the same time dilemma, I decided to try to pre-make breakfast burritos on Sunday to freeze and eat all week. It worked! I felt like they kept me decently full, they are at least somewhat healthy, and I can eat them one handed.


Random Snow Day. I'm not really sure why today was deemed a Code Red day, but I will take it! I never really saw any snow, but I heard there might be some last night on the news. To celebrate the day we went out to lunch! Since I went back to work after maternity leave we have had 9 snow days and a delay. We also had off on Tuesday for the primary election. It's been really nice!


Wiggly Jiggly Wigglasaurus. This fine piece of literature is Quinn's first favorite book. She loves it. And if you are thinking ,"OK crazy lady four month olds don't have favorite books," I don't blame you, but it's true. Every time we read it to her she starts laughing hysterically and actually tries to turn the pages. She also likes to eat Wiggly Jiggly Wigglasaurus.

And I know there are typically five things I post about, but I ran out of time! Don't you all go rushing to your local library to find Wiggly Jiggly Wigglasaurus!!!

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  1. Love, love, love that you've had so many snow days & delays!! Such a nice treat for you & Quinn!! And I'd love for you to blog your recipe for the breakfast burritos!! :)