Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Four Months

Four months old! That's one third of the first year! Our little baby Q is changing so much each week. She actually turned four months on Monday, but I delayed this post because I wanted to wait until after her well visit to the doctor to give accurate statistics on her height and weight. She is now 13 pounds, 13 ounces and 25 inches tall. She is also very strong. She loves standing up, loves pulling her mother's hair, and will soon be all over my glasses, luckily she can't quite get them yet. This past weekend we brought out her exersaucer to see how that would go. She is still a little small, but I'm sure she will have it totally mastered in no time.

Quinn has had a lot of big changes this month. First she stayed home without either of us during the day, and then the biggest change, she started going to her babysitter. We are on week three of her at daycare and things seem to be going very well. We are very thankful for the situation that found us this year (more on this later), and Quinn seems to be happy each day! It's been as smooth a transition as we could hope for. In addition to daycare, Quinn also started swim lessons. Mostly she is concerned with watching the other babies and trying to drink the water. This is totally typical of her personality...she needs to know everything that's going on. She's nosey! In addition to her curiosity she is happy and sweet, and loves to smile and laugh.

She's always been a talker and has added blowing bubbles and some serious screeches to her daily language. She is still sleeping through the night on most nights, but is not the best napper. Hopefully napping will eventually fall back into place. She is also trying very hard to roll from back to tummy, but I think her head is just a little too heavy to flip over. She loves playing with her toys, grabbing them, holding them, and now everything has to go in her mouth. Other milestones reached include finding her feet, surviving a blizzard, headlining in a Pat Collins news story, and being baptized.

It's been an eventful month, but we know it will only continue to get more exciting as she grows. We are looking forward to exploring some solids in the near future, spring break, more swimming, and whatever else this month decides to surprise us with! We love you, Q!

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