Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Life Lately

It has been so long since I have had a minute to write a post. Today we have a SNOW DAY, so I am making time to get this post done. We have had a lot go down in the past three weeks. All good things, really. We have just been so busy.

Right after I went back to work, Matt took his paternity leave, then his parents came to keep Quinn for a week (also the week I had off for the craziest snow storm I've ever seen), then we had my aunt come to stay with us the following week. All of this to delay Quinn going to daycare as long as we could. We decided this even before we decided what we were doing for childcare. So basically we have been slowly transitioning to our new normal over the last month. The transition has honestly been so smooth, and so wonderful. I am so thankful for Matt having leave, and for the family that helped us out for a few weeks. Quinn started at her babysitter last Monday and that has been pretty seamless as well. I plan to write a similar 'Day in the Life' post to the one I wrote while on maternity leave in December.

At the end of January we went to Pittsburgh for the weekend and had Quinn baptized at the church where we were married. We were so lucky to have both of our families be able to be there. We also got to meet our nephew and Quinn's 'little' cousin. They were born just four weeks apart.

This past weekend we started swim class with baby Q. When my aunt was in town we went to dinner and our waiter told us about a free (until six months) baby swim class. I called to see about weekend availability and they were able to get her in just a week and a half later. We had a lot of fun on Sunday, and Quinn did pretty well too, she was either happy and/or kind of unfazed by the whole thing. So far, I think they teach the babies to kick and how to swim to and grab on to the wall of the pool. I'm already really looking forward to next week!

Hopefully now that we are settling into our new routine, I will have time to update more as things are happening. Next week Quinn will already be four months old! So hard to believe.

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