Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Day In The Life

Matt asks me each day when he gets home what we did all day. There's a lot of days I seriously can't remember, but I know we did a lot. This gave me the idea for this post. This isn't exactly the most typical day of my maternity leave, but it kind of is a good picture. I recorded this the day after we came back from our trip to Pittsburgh...not typical. We also had an appointment for Q at the audiologist which isn't typical, but at the same time between myself and Quinn I feel like I have spent half my maternity leave in doctor's offices. Quinn was also a little off schedule this day in the afternoon, but of course that happens. So here is what December 29th 2015 looked like for us :)

12:14: Quinn took a little extra effort to get to sleep. She did take a very long nap midday on our drive from Pittsburgh to home. She's usually in bed before this, but we did have a very well behaved traveller, so I can't be too upset. Once Quinn was asleep, I went straight to bed.

5:55: Matt's alarm goes off for him to get to the train for work. He is out the door by 6:20. I waited for him to get ready while laying in bed and thinking about the day ahead. If I was smart, I would have tried to stay asleep.

6:25: I convinced myself to get out of bed, and was very thankful Q didn't wake up yet. This gives me time to hurry up and get myself ready. So I take a shower, get dressed, and blow dry my hair.

7:00: Time to get Quinn up, changed, and dressed.

7:10: Quinn and I go downstairs to feed her, watch our friends Matt and Savannah on the Today show, and of course change more diapers.

8:00: After Quinn's feeding, I need a wardrobe change (spit up problems), and I get my breakfast. Then we go to the gym (aka the play mat thing for babies). While she's in the gym, I pump (for milk to store) and talk to her. I get the milk in the fridge, we do some more gym time, and I change her quickly.

8:30: I fix myself some coffee and get Quinn situated in her carseat to get ready to go to her appointment. I'm happy we are pretty much stress free and on time.

9:00: We make it to our audiologist appointment on time! This was an interesting experience, but we are now sure that Q can hear very well, so that's all that matters. She was a good tester too!

10:15: I decide to feed Q in the car instead of going home since we are closer to Wegmans and it cuts out a coming and going from the house. I'm not totally sure this was the easier option, but it all worked out.

11:15: Grocery shopping at our favorite, Wegmans! Quinn sleeps the majority of the time.

12:45: We get home. I unpack the car and put away the groceries. Thankfully Q stays asleep when I take her out of the carseat so I have some time to eat my lunch, clean up bottles and pump parts, and organize all the pumped milk that we transported back from our trip.

1:30: Quinn's lunch.

2:10: Play time. Including tummy time and more time at the gym.

3:00: Quinn takes a nap. I am holding her. I usually don't do this, but I'm getting sad my leave is coming to an end so I decide to hold her a little longer. I pay bills with the other hand :)

3:35: I put her down in her rock and play which we keep downstairs so I can go through the mail and prep dinner for tonight.

4:10: I check in on my insurance...something else I have been doing a lot of on my maternity leave. I also spend some time just looking at facebook and other stuff on the internet.

4:40: What I call 'Quinn's senior citizen dinner.'

5:00: Now Quinn needs a wardrobe change and afterwards we do a little tummy time and read a story.

5:45: Typically Quinn would take a little catnap, but she's a little fussy and wakes up after 15 or 20 minutes. I let her fuss a little bit in her rock and play while I fill in the details about her first Christmas and her two month well check in her baby book.

6:15: Feeding. More like a snack.

6:30: Snuggle time.

6:45: Matt comes home and takes a shower while Quinn and I finish up getting dinner together. Matt plays with her for a little before dinner.

7:30: Dinner...the three of us always have dinner together.

8:00: I clean up dinner while Matt plays with Quinn and changes her. I go through the pictures from our Christmas trip.

8:40: Quinn gets a little fussy. Typically she would take a little nap before her last feeding, but that's not working out.

9:15: I prep her last bottle. Matt feeds her a bottle at about this time every night. While he is feeding her, I pump then store the milk or make a bottle for the next day, and then wash all the pump parts and bottles from the day.

10:30: Bedtime for Q. Matt is putting her to sleep tonight so I get myself ready for bed and try to stay awake until Matt is done. I was not successful. Apparently he came to bed at 11:15 :)

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