Thursday, December 10, 2015

We're Still Here!

It's been so long since I've posted. I can't believe how fast time is passing. November and December are notoriously the quickest months of any school year I have ever worked. There are just so many days off from school and lots of holiday excitement. Now that I have been on leave from work since late October it's almost like I skipped fall entirely this year. I remember checking into the hospital on October 20th and leaving a week later and thinking somehow Matt and I missed all the trees turning colors and somehow we were already in the middle of fall. It was weird.

Obviously, life is very different right now. I keep getting those 'you have memories today' messages from Facebook. A year ago I was doing a lot of running. I was outside all the time. This year, I'm lucky to leave the house for an hour or two a couple times a week. Quinn is seven weeks old today. That means had everything gone completely normally with my labor and delivery I should have gone back to work a week ago. I just can't even fathom that. No one wants to leave their six week old at daycare with strangers. Beyond that, though, I feel like I just figured out how to go to the grocery store successfully, I don't know how I will throw in a full time job in addition to the mothering, and the dozens of extra things that come with it. It's overwhelming to think about.

Quinn's first trip to Wegmans!!!
Family leave, in my opinion, needs to be a full year. The place I work gives six or eight weeks paid leave (depending on how you deliver), and up to twelve weeks family leave total. It's a little sad I was kind of happy when I had to have the C-Section because I knew I would have more time at home with my baby. It's even more sad that when I went to my six week check up last week my doctor wrote me a note to take extended time off, due to my legitimate near death childbirth experience, that I was suddenly thrilled to have had a postpartum hemorrhage, blood transfusion, hypertension, and renal insufficiency. And his note had to state all that for me to remain paid, even though I have more than enough leave to cover well over twelve weeks of maternity leave, but can't use it because it's 'just bonding' with your baby after your medical recovery period. Sad. Anyway, enough of my rant, but really something needs to change.

In other news...we had a great Thanksgiving. We stayed in Virginia and celebrated with some family friends. Quinn looked like a little turkey and was very well behaved the whole time. She continues to be such a delightful and easy baby. In the past few weeks she has started smiling with a purpose, which is so much fun. We are getting very excited for her first Christmas and being able to play Santa, even though she really has no idea what's going on. It will also be Quinn's first long trip in the car. Cross your fingers.

Last weekend we took Quinn to meet Santa. It was one of those times when the new mom thinks she has a great idea and then realizes she's still an amateur. I got Quinn all ready, looking all cute. We arrive on the scene. No line. I walk up to the high school elf and he's asking me a bunch of questions before telling me it's a 3.5 hour wait. Ummmm, WHAT?! He also tries to tell me that he knows how hard it is with a baby. I thought I was going to cry right there. He says he can text Quinn when Santa is ready for her and how long of notice do we need. I was thinking to myself...well about 3.5 hours. Everything did work itself out and Quinn met Santa. But, really, 3.5 hours to see Santa?! Only in Northern Virginia.

Stay tuned for more updates about Quinn's accomplishments. She certainly has checked a few things off the infant to do list since her one month post. Like I said before, it's crazy how quickly the time has gone. 

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