Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Seven Months

Again with the late monthly post. I all but guarantee, the 8 month one will be on time because then I will have one less major responsibility! Month seven brought on some major milestones! We did not have a well check at seven months, but I estimate Quinn is between 17 and 17.5 pounds and probably 27.5ish inches. The beginning of May brought on your two top teeth, further proving your sleep has been off and on for weeks now due to teething. I will say this month was better than last.

You continue to LOVE standing and will scream and yell at us until we stand you up. Recently you have taken it one step further and just want us to help you walk around the house all day. You are still quite vocal. Last month you would hold on to the couch or something to stand by yourself, this month you have learned how to pull yourself up, especially in the bathtub since it's low. Luckily most other things are too high for you to reach.

You discovered your Elmo toy this month and it is hilarious to watch you interact with him. You still enjoy soccer and banging things together. Also new this month is waving at people, and especially yourself in mirrors. We are still working on getting you to wave at the right times. You also started clapping your hands. We have started to see a little bit of separation anxiety, but nothing too bad.

We took you on your first airplane trip to Boston and you did a great job traveling. You were a very good baby on both flights. We still consider ourselves very lucky with a happy and well behaved baby.

Eating solids has come a long way since last month. You have had many fruits and veggies and oatmeal. You have one meal with your babysitter around lunch and then I feed you oatmeal with fruits and veggies when we get home for the day. You typically prefer thicker food and not very pureed things. It is fun to watch you try things for the first time. As always we are so excited to see what the next month brings! We are so luck you are ours and love watching you grow each day!

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