Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Friday Love

Eight years ago I moved to Northern Virginia because I got my first job as a school counselor. I hardly knew anyone in the area. I think I had one friend that lived here, no one else. Eight years ago, Dana Stevenson became one of my very first friends that I made here. We shared a tiny hallway in the back of the office at our school. Last Friday, Dana died. I was sad when Dana moved out of our hallway two years ago for a bigger, better office, one maybe about ten feet further from me...now I go to BES without her. It's still hard to comprehend. 

Dana was one of this world's brightest lights. If you knew Dana, you loved her. Everything about her was contagious. Her laughter, her smile, everything. She was a quick wit, always had wonderful advice, was incredibly generous, and always kept it real. No sugar coating. Her delivery was impeccable...perfect timing for everything be it funny or serious. We shared a love for cooking and food. The memories that I have of her over the last eight years are filled with pure joy. The Summer of Yes, nights out in Arlington, getting kicked out of Katerina's, talking about food, making cupcakes for a wedding, leap day birthdays, sharing students, and just everyday chit chats on the couch in my office are all things that will live in my heart forever. 

She will be missed deeply. We love you, Dana. 

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to her...may she rest in peace <3