Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day

Do you know anyone with a birthday on Leap Day? I do. My good friend, Dana. I highly suggest you go make friends with someone born on February 29th. They get all kinds of free stuff for being born. Tonight Dana and I went on an adventure to reap all the benefits of having a birthday only once every four years. There were quite a few deals that we could have taken advantage of, but I'm going to give you only the ones we did.

Our first stop was in Georgetown. Sprinkles Cupcakes was offering a free dozen cupcakes to anyone born on February 29th. All you had to do was flash your ID. Awesome. After we picked up her cupcakes, we got back in the car a drove a couple miles to Z-Burger (think Five Guys-ish) where Dana was promised not only a free meal, but four free meals. One for each year she misses a birthday. Just a little back story...after a little freebie mishap at lunchtime we decided to call ahead and confirm these deals were still happening. I called Z-Burger and the guy was rude and told me that we could only get one free meal. We decided to print out the deal and show him the proof when we got there. Well turns out when it's our turn to order it was the same guy who I talked to on the phone and he was so mad at us, but he caved and gave us our four free meals. This is when we made friends with the girls behind us in a hurry because I wanted him to have to give us the four free meals since he was so rude. We then we became forever friends with Tuesday and Sharm who we ended up dining with. They are finishing mortuary science school. We had some great stories to exchange.

We were so full after the burgers we couldn't eat the cupcakes or go do anymore deals. There was a reallly good on at BlackFinn in Bethesda...a $50 gift card (you had to make a purchase, though) for anyone born on Leap Day! On the way home we started planning Dana's Birthday/Leap Day 2016...I guess that would be a weekend. We could get a lot done.

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  1. Ooo fun! I grew up with twins who were born on Feb. 29... I remember celebrating all their birthdays at school. I love redeeming free stuff! I did that on my birthday this year, too. :)