Monday, February 20, 2012

One Year!

Guess what?!? It's's one year anniversary. Exactly one year ago today I started this blog. Who knew I would actually keep it up?! I checked today and this will make 130 posts...including 45 "Recipes on the Week." I'm actually pretty proud of my little blogsies. I was thinking maybe I should make a goal for year two of blogging. The two things I came up with are to make my blog more famous, and to try to make it more advanced technologically/look more appealing.

In other blog worthy news...our registry is now complete. Talk about exhausting. It was quite the project today. More impressively, my blog will now share a birthday with the newest member of the Keough family. Matt's cousin, Jess, had a baby girl very early this morning!

Coming soon: honeymoon updates...maybe even a booking.

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