Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Day in the Life

Back at the {end of December} I documented what a day looked like for our family. I have been wanting to do a second post since returning to work, and I am finally getting to it now just before school lets out for summer. So here is what our days look like right now, this particular day was Monday, June 6, 2016.

5:40: My alarm goes off. I get in the shower pretty much right away and when I get out I can hear Quinn starting to stir. I continue to get ready, getting dressed and putting on make up. Quinn keeps chatting away happily so I don't get her until I absolutely have to.

6:15: Quinn is getting louder so I go get her out of bed and change her diaper. We wave goodbye to Matt as he leaves for the train. I take Quinn into our room and put her in her pack and play to entertain herself while I dry my hair.

6:30: Quinn's breakfast.

7:00: We go downstairs. I put Quinn in her walker while I pack bags for the day. I need my lunch, pump, pump parts, school supplies, bottles, ice packs. Quinn takes her diaper bag with bottles and her solid lunch for the day. Side note: to make day to day things easier I pack all my lunches for the week on Sunday and take them to work on Monday. Quinn pretty much has a second set of everything at her sitter's house and I lay out her clothes for the week Sunday night too. I also take the bags out to the car at this point.

After packing up the car, I make my breakfast. We eat my breakfast on the couch and listen to the today show while playing with toys.

7:25: Get Quinn dressed for the day and change her diaper.

7:30: Get my coffee ready and any other little last minute things.

7:35: Last minute diaper change, load Q in her car seat.

7:40: Get everyone and everything situated in the car and leave for our Somie's house.

8:00: Arrive at Somie's! I have mentioned a few times in blog posts about how we totally lucked out this school year with our babysitting situation. Quinn LOVES her babysitter and it has just been the best thing we could have hoped for. It's also getting to the point in the year where I don't feel like going to work and we stand around chatting for too long in the morning.

8:25: Arrive at work.

9:00: Somie drops her kids off at school and I sometimes get to see Quinn in the drop off lane.

During the school day I get lots of picture updates and texts about how Q is doing. We each do our own thing. These pictures are not all from this specific day, but I wanted to include some of Quinn with her first friends :)

4:10: I pick up Quinn in the school parking lot.

4:30: Arrive at home. This day Q fell asleep on the ride home and stayed asleep when I brought her inside. This rarely happens anymore. I unpack her bottles and get new ones ready for tomorrow. Unpack all my dirty pump stuff and pumped milk. Refill water bottles and get coffee prepped for the morning. I start getting dinner ready.

4:50: Quinn wakes up. I change her diaper then go upstairs to change my clothes. We play for a little bit.

5:15: Quinn's dinner. Oatmeal, green beans, and carrots. Quinn hates her high chair. She hates her car seat too. You can kinda see in the high chair and car seat pictures that she is complaining and trying to escape the shoulder harness part. So half the dinner is in the high chair and the other half I put her in the exersaucer.

5:45: Play inside with toys.

6:10: Play in the walker outside on the porch.

6:50: Matt gets home. I finish making dinner while Matt plays with Quinn.

7:10: Eat dinner.

7:30: Start bedtime routine. First we all read a book on the couch downstairs. Then we go upstairs for a bath. Matt says goodnight after she get in some pajamas. I feed her before putting her down for the night, usually by 8:00.

8:00: Laundry. Pens Game. Doing some emails. Chatting with Matt. Getting things ready for the allergist appointment the next day. I think this night I fell asleep on the couch at like 10:30.

I would say this is very close to about our average day right now. It was so crazy to look back and read over the post in December and see how much had changed. It should be interesting to see what our summer days will look like in just 1.5 weeks!

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