Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ten Months!

Dear sweet Quinn is two whole hands! Quinn is so big and has a personality that grows bigger everyday. She is smart, stubborn, persistent, happy, curious, funny, and fearless. There is no well check for ten months, but I would estimate her at about 19 pounds. She hasn't popped any new teeth this month, but I can see swelling where her molars are starting to come in.

Quinn took her first trip to the beach this past month. She loved everything about it, especially swimming in the ocean and sitting at the edge of the water. She also enjoyed the sand. While we were at the beach she took her first few independent steps. And then she got her first bruise. Getting to the beach was not as much fun as being there. Traveling still proves to be an issue. She absolutely can't stand her car seat.

Our routine is still going strong. We have dropped to three milk feedings, three solid meals, and an afternoon snack most days. Quinn's ten month birthday coincided with my return to work (obviously why this post is late), so I am hoping she will make a nice transition to daycare (she will start at her new day care next week) and keep her routine, or at least find one similar. She is still taking a shorter morning nap, and a longer afternoon one. She goes to bed around 8 and wakes up usually around 6:30. She was having some trouble going down at night, but I am going to attribute that to traveling and being a little out of sorts and having to be retrained on bedtime procedures. Just the past few days she has done much better and been much happier when getting in the crib.

Current favorites include crawling, walking whenever possible, books, her golf clubs, balls, Elmo, plasitc shapes, and cups. She loves to watch other kids. She also likes to climb the stairs. She likes to copy and mimc people. She is also getting good at rolling a ball back and forth with someone. She likes to be chased, and to be sneaky, and to be 'caught' acting this way. She laughs hysterically about it. She's still chatting us up, but I do notice her speech changing. In addition to the one syllable repeats (mama, dada, etc.), she has like long strings of nonsense words. When she hears music she starts dancing and when she sees the camera come out she smiles for a picture. We are really having so much fun with her.

It's hard to believe at this time last year I was starting a school year preparing for maternity leave. It's truly been the fastest year of my life.

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