Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Hi Friends! It has been for.ev.er. I wanted to update some things over my vacation from school, but forgot my camera cord and we all know that Recipes of the Week would not be the same without some food photography. I have a few recipes lined up for the next few weeks, hopefully the first (a Thanksgiving recipe a little late) will be posted later this week. But for now...some life updates.

Matt and I went to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving. Definitely something I am thankful for. Matt may have a different opinion. The most ridiculous thing happened upon our arrival. We got to my parents' house pretty late. We were just about to go to bed when Matt came into my room saying he didn't think he was supposed to sleep in the guest room. I was pretty sure that's where he was supposed to sleep since that's where he always sleeps when we go to Pittsburgh. I kept insisting he was supposed to sleep there and he kept insisting he didn't think so, that I needed to come see the bed. At this point I thought maybe my dad had left a mess in there or maybe the bed was unmade, but Matt made me come look for myself. So I walk into the room and made up in the bed, between the sheets, were three hunting rifles. I about died laughing. I went and asked my parents if they were trying to send a message about us getting married. My mother also burst out laughing and was totally embarrassed, and I think my dad felt really bad. Apparently the carpet cleaners had just come and instead of the guns being under the bed on the floor my dad had hid them in the bed and forgot about them. The next day during a toast at my aunt's, my grandmother, resembling a pit bull, also reminded Matt about how the day he marries me will be the luckiest day of his life. Matt counts these two events as part of the top three funniest events of the weekend.

We also got quite a few wedding things nailed down. Most importantly we have a date set. We will get married on August 12, 2012. Our reception will be at Pittsburgh's Grand Hall at the Priory. Getting those things set make the planning process a lot more exciting and much less stressful! I also got a dress! You will be getting no details on that :) I'm sure you will be getting periodic updates on our upcoming nuptials, but I promise not to turn this into a wedding blog.

Like I said...lots to be thankful and excited for this year...especially family and an upcoming wedding. I promise a recipe very soon!!!

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  1. What if I kind of want it to be a wedding blog?! ;) So happy for you, friend!