Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cable-Less in the Nation's Capital

I posted on Facebook earlier this week about how Matt was canceling my cable. Tragic, I know. The comments on my post were like someone had died. My sister offered to buy me cable for my bridal shower because she couldn't stand the thought. And after much deliberation, and the occasional panic attack involving thoughts like "oh my more Today show while getting ready for work" and "what's life going to be like without Bethenny Frankel reading my mind and having a reality show detailing it," Matt made the official call on Friday morning.

We had discussed this before, but never actually got all the information about basic cable vs. what we have now vs. canceling everything. Matt really wanted to get Netflix instead of continuing with cable so we could watch shows we like (but never watch, or haven't seen from the start of the series) from the beginning to the current season. There is also the point that you can watch almost everything online. So after making sure Dance Moms and 16 and Pregnant are available online, I caved.

Thus far living without cable is awesome. Let me tell you why. We somehow still have most cable channels. I don't think it's illegal. I wish I would have done this like a year ago. I'm not totally sure what's going on, but we called to make sure we no longer have cable, we returned our cable box and remote, but if you plug the TV into the wall the cable still works. I'm waiting for my world to come crashing down at any given moment. I wonder if it's because we live in close quarters in the condo building and somehow we still pick up the signal? No idea. But for now, I'll take it.

Netflix also has it's benefits. We started watching Weeds this evening. Pretty good. We are also very pumped to watch all episodes of How I Met Your Mother and Mad Men. Friends, I am telling you, you should try adopting this cable-less lifestyle. I promise you I'm not going all hipster. I still plan on wearing deodorant and eating some meat, and I'm not going to Occupy DC anytime soon. Just cross your fingers I'm still getting Bravo and such while cable-less.


  1. How much are you paying for internet?

    1. I believe the new total is 50 bucks. I just got a call from the cable company trying to get back in my life. The offered me all kinds of services for free and all kinds of discounts, but I withheld.