Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wedding Brain

I think I am diagnosing myself with a severe case of wedding brain. Well, really it's not severe, but it's a case nonetheless. I have crazy wedding dreams on the regular these days. Mostly no one comes to the reception after they have RSVPed that they will. Last night I went to try on my dress and they ordered the wrong one and my hair was a hot mess. The top dream is about cupcakes. Cupcakes and cupcake display options are constantly on my brain.

You may remember from this post that I thought I had all our cake decisions figured out. Well there were problems. Although I kept it a secret in that post, we had decided to do cupcakes instead of a big tiered cake. When we decided we were going to do cupcakes I really wanted my cousin-in-law to make them, but my mom said she was already doing a wedding the day before mine and it probably wouldn't work, so I emailed the bakery we got cake samples from to make them. To make a long story short...the bakery we thought we were using would not get back to me. After perusing a few options a miracle occurred...Kelsey (the cousin-in-law) said she could do them! YAY!

To understand why I have crazy recurring dreams about cupcakes you might need to know that I am not a huge fan of cupcakes as a wedding cake. So then why would I do it? Well I don't really like cake that much to begin with and when I do like cake it's a weird flavor. So by doing cupcakes you can have a lot of flavors so that everyone can find something they like, and I can have my fun flavors. My main source of worry is the cupcake display. I really don't like that whole tiered, I'm trying to make this look like a cake, display. Don't like in this case really means despise. So currently I am constantly thinking of an interesting way to display cupcakes. Any thoughts, pictures, ideas are appreciated! Anyone else have crazy wedding dreams?

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  1. I personally love that you are doing cupcakes. Almost as much as I love the idea of you wearing my favorite toms for your wedding day.

    Maybe you can hang them from invisible wire from the ceiling... :D