Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wonderful Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend marked three months until the big day. My fabulous coworkers threw Matt and I a shower. It was the perfect way to mark the occasion. Everything was so nice. The food, the company, and the generous gifts. Matt was also a total trooper. It was supposed to me a boy-girl shower, but I knew a lot of guys wouldn't be there, so I tried to let him out of it. He still came. He did a great job for his first ever bridal shower. I'm pretty sure he might not go to another one, though. 

My mom also came for the event. It was a very busy weekend. Part of the reason she came was so we could go to Tyson's and find her a dress for the wedding. We were successful! Also...after a small wedding dress and dress fitting appointment fiasco, I got to try on my dress! My mom brought it down from Pennsylvania so I could try it on. It was an almost perfect fit. Obviously the hem will need done and some areas will need taken in, but overall it fit very well. Definitely a relief. 

And most surprisingly I bought a new car on Friday afternoon. I will spare you the long, boring story on that one. You would think I might be excited, but I'm really not. I'm just glad a decision was made and hopefully I won't have to worry about that for a number of years to come. 

I think that's all my major news for now. Just one more thank you to all of my awesome BES friends for a wonderful shower. It was the best and I had so much fun!

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