Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wedding Update

Last weekend Matt and I made the trip to Pittsburgh. There was a LOT of wedding plans to be made. The main event was our tasting for the reception. Our reception venue does things a little differently. They hold a bridal open house for all booked brides and grooms and allow you to taste their food, their drinks, cakes, etc. There was a lot of people there, but things went very well. We officially decided on our menu, I had a very serious debate on chair covers, and I still don't care about cakes.

Saturdays events included a visit with Father Tom (the person marrying us), lunch with my aunts and cousin, a random stop at Abby Lee Dance Company (I'm shamelessly addicted to Dance Moms and I don't care at all), and a rehearsal dinner decision. First of all, I am very happy to say that Father Tom was a walk in the park compared to the tortures of "THE class." We still have details to work out on the ceremony, but I'm trying to adopt the philosophy of "it will come together"...not easy for me. Lunch was delightful and Matt's mom survived meeting the extended family, granted we were in public and it was not a holiday. Lastly, I am very excited about our rehearsal dinner location, The Church Brew Works. It's a supercool (I'm not even getting spell checked on supercool?) venue and the food is good. After Matt seriously asked the manager if he could call and cancel the day before and my head turn approximately 360 degrees, I think we made a memorable impression. Matt also asked the manager about when the dance moms ate there on the show. We might have a problem.

Sunday we did our second round of cake tasting from Jennuine Bakery near my parent's house. This will be our cake vendor, but I am leaving the cake details as a surprise :) Sunday was also the day of our reception tasting. This whole weekend had a lot of food involved. We all had Monday off and just tied up some loose ends including finalizing invitations and wedding shoes.

That was a lot of wedding. Sorry if you are bored by it and annoyed by my random sidebars! I'm sure you will all just be thrilled next week when I blog about wedding DIY (potentially).

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