Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Honeymoon Reveal

Does this help? YES, friends who guessed Hawai'i, you are correct! I am so pumped! We will be vacationing on the island of Maui in just 5ish months! Just a little story for those of you who may have heard a completely different honeymoon plan from me just a week ago. I will start at the beginning. For Christmas Matt's parents gave us a week at their time share that they were hoping we could use for our honeymoon. We could exchange it for any where that was available. I checked that website religiously, multiple times a day for months and there was nothing we were interested in. We pretty much gave up and decided we better just investigate some trips we might like to take. 

I priced out quite a few options...Ireland our top choice was very out of the budget. Alaska was at the very top and we wouldn't have been able to do all the things we wanted to either. Then I looked into a few west coast trips and last weekend we decided to do Salt Lake City, Yellowstone, and Jackson Hole. I had everything for that trip completely planned out. It was all but booked. I don't know why we waited to start booking stuff for that trip, but luckily we did. Then last Friday I was seriously procrastinating going to work and randomly checked the time share website and there was Maui. I started screaming for Matt. After a very intense 5 minutes of whether to click, or not to click, the exchange button we did and then we were both late for work. So worth it! 

So the clues...clue #1 is Haleakala Volcano, clue #2 is the Ioa Valley Needle and the Hawaiian dish poi, and clue #3 is Kaihalulu Beach on the Road to Hana. I literally was soooo happy last Friday it made dealing with work a breeze. 

And I just had to add these photos (the only ones I have scanned, because I didn't have a digital camera) from 10 years ago on my first Hawaiian vacation :) If only that swim suit still fit.

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  1. Boooyah! That's going to be a rockin' trip, E!