Thursday, June 14, 2012

Four Years

Tomorrow marks the end of my fourth year as the counselor at BES. It's been an exciting one. Well I think elementary school always has something exciting going on. It's like no other job I've heard about. There's almost always a tale to tell at the day's end. Hopefully I will have the legendary Bennett Wave to share with you tomorrow.

Truth be told, I have been seriously sedating my wedding excitement in order for me to manage life at work. If I let myself get wedding excited...pretty much nothing would have been accomplished in the months of November, December, or any of the months since like April. I'm very excited to allow myself to get wedding excited this weekend. I'm not the most excited I signed up to babysit starting Monday, but wedding excited costs money.

Something I am not excited was my last legendary day with my Honey Boo Boo. It has been such a fun year with my two co-counselors. I was worried at first, but everything has gone so well. I am sad to say goodbye to both of my fabulous teammates. So this post is a little random, but I guess I'm just a little excited about SUMMER!!!

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