Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

There is currently a heated debate going on in 709. It's actually not about the election, but that's always a fun topic around here too. I hope you can sense my sarcasm in that last statement. More on that in the next paragraph. The hotter topic is PUPPIES! I love dogs. I want one so bad. Matt is not having it. Last week I was so in love with this puppy named Shiloh from Lost Dog and Cat Rescue I thought if I didn't get him I was going to cry. Well since then Shiloh is no longer on the website, and I am no closer to dog ownership. Stupid marriage vows. I thought maybe taking Matt to hold puppies might work. So I threatened (sort of an empty threat due to some small circumstances we won't get into right now...aka that whole lease I signed) to go to PetSmart last Saturday and buy a dog. Well Matt decided he should come too (so I didn't buy anything and bring it home). We held a puppy and Matt didn't care. So annoying. Any tips on how to talk Matt into getting a dog? I have tried every argument you could ever think of, seriously.

I voted today! Yay! Voting is sort of exciting...I think it's only exciting when voting for the president, though. I'm very unpolitical, however, I am married to someone VERY political. I have to listen to a lot of ranting, and naturally my personality loves to just get Matt going so I pretend to be a Republican one day and a Democrat the next. Sadly, the Commonwealth of Virginia somehow found out about my antics (probably cause I'm a registered Independent) and sends me a lot of mail from every candidate there ever was to try to win my vote. The truth is I just like the election cause I love maps and being in a swing state. I just hope they still have my Abby Lee dance show on tonight. I'm slightly concerned how Matt will deal if his BFF Barack doesn't win. I think I'm in for a long night.

Also...random thought...I know there was a whole hanging/pregnant/swinging chad problem in 2000, and there's been a lot of technological advances since the early days of voting, but don't you guys think we should still use those voting booths with the levers? I've been complaining about this all week. I feel like that would be so much more exciting than filling out a scantron, or using a touch screen.

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