Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Frankenstorm Update

Did anyone else notice that once the storm arrived it was Sandy and not Frankenstorm? That was something I contemplated yesterday during my boredom. Wonder why? Maybe cause they wanted people to take it seriously? Well now that Sandy the Frankenstorm has passed I can say we survived. We are counting our blessings...it was really pretty much a non-event here in 709. I kinda feel like the derecho storm that we got in late June was more damaging than Sandy. I know other areas weren't as lucky.

We never lost power, it flickered a few times, and I had my bedroom window open the whole time. In case you are wondering why...it's because 709 is always at a tropical climate, even when it snows outside. I made a lot of baked goods. And we have a lot of water storage. The best part? No school or work for Matt and I yesterday and today. I actually did some online shopping for Christmas. Now I need to leave the house at some point.

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