Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Commencement. A time, on quite a few occasions, I thought would never come. Really. I have never been so happy for a graduation in my life. Mine from William and Mary might be a close second, though. Matthew graduated from George Mason last week. He completed his Master of History Degree over the last three years while continuing to work full-time. It was a lot of hard work, late nights, and stressful weekends. 

Matt had one graduation ceremony during the week for his specific college, and another last Saturday with the entire graduating class of George Mason. I was really excited on Wednesday when I sat down in the Patriot Center and found out that Angie Goff was the speaker for the night. I just love channel four news! She was hysterical! Her speech might not have been completely linear or appropriate, but I was happy to be entertained for the evening. We celebrated with some appetizers and drinks at Ruth's Chris afterward. 

Matt's family came from Boston for the weekend to celebrate and attend his weekend graduation. The speaker was a little more serious this time around. We did get to go to Katerina's for dinner, though! It was nice to have some family in town and to celebrate with them.

Now that this chapter of our lives has closed, we are looking forward to a lot of exciting things. Most recently, eating dinner together again (Matt was having to work until 8:15 every night this past semester)! Oh, and actually getting to spend time together on the weekends! Good work, Matthew! I am proud of you!!!

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