Thursday, May 1, 2014

Friday Love


#runhomepgh. It's here. It's happening. It's Sunday.



My Hairdryer. Yes. I'm serious. I've had a fear for years that one day I will be getting ready for work and I'll go to dry my hair and suddenly my hairdryer just won't work. Well, my fear became reality Thursday morning. After a slight panic attack, and googling when Target opens, I ended up sending a rescue text so I could still make it to my meeting on time. I had to dry my hair in my office at work with my friend's hairdryer.


Cava. Have you ever been to Cava? I really like it. They serve Greek/Mediterranean food with a Chipotle concept. I'm really said there isn't one closer to my house. I really like their falafel and crazy feta.


Planting Season. I use to blog a lot about my "City Garden" when we lived in our condo. I did a small container garden last summer, but was not pleased with how things went. I decided to expand my horizons this spring/summer and plant a bunch of vegetables. I plan to blog about this more next week. I forgot how fun it is to see how my plants grow!

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