Monday, April 28, 2014

Marathon Monday

This week I pretty much pretended that I wasn't doing a half marathon. I hardly did anything. And I ate everything. At least that's how it felt. Sad story. My goal this week is to kick myself into marathoning gear. I want to run a couple of times to keep things loose, eat good foods, and stretch a lot. Oh, and drink a lot of water.

Some good things happened this week. I had a nice 4.07 miles on Wednesday. I did two miles at GOTR practice and then came home and did the rest. Thursday I had good intentions :). Saturday I did a little over three miles in my neighborhood while dodging crazy garage sale shoppers. Then the highlight of my running week came on Sunday. I was reunited with my running friend. The last time we ran together it was the fateful pouring rain/sleet 10+ mile run. This weekend's weather was much better, and the miles were shorter since we are so close to the half marathon. Today was a rainy day at GOTR so I was stuck with a total of 13.24 miles for the week.

Guess what?!? The next time you hear from me about running will be post-half marathon. CRAZY! Six days away...that means this week! Cross your fingers for me :) Oh and you can see the professional photography of my 10 mile race two weeks ago below. At least I look happy ;)

GW Parkway Classic

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