Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Burnside Farms

Last weekend, while my mom was visiting, we took a trip to Burnside Farms. We had never been before. I read about it on Facebook. I guess you would call it a flower farm. They have three main flower fields in the spring time; daffodils, tulips, and iris. They also have a sunflower festival in July. The concept is that you can go and pick your own flowers...apparently the other concept is everyone beings their toddler and tries to take pictures, with or without a professional photographer in tow, while trying to make it look natural. They also scream the kid's name every 3 seconds. It was good people watching.

I was a big fan of the tulips :)
When we visited, the majority of the flowers in bloom were daffodils. There was also a good amount of tulips in bloom, but no iris as of yet. The farm posts a picture on Facebook of what the current fields look like so you can see what is blooming that day. We stuck to pulling up the tulips. I would recommend this lovely, spring afternoon activity if you like flowers and nice weather. It's also a lot cheaper than traveling to the tulip festival in the Netherlands.

The tulips we took home

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