Monday, April 7, 2014

Marathon Monday

It's been a little bit of a boring week in training. No crazy weather stories, no new records, just same old walk/running miles. I guess that can be considered a good thing. In numbers news, we are less than one month away from the Pittsburgh Half Marathon, 27 days to be exact. I originally signed up for this partly because I needed something else to focus on back at the beginning of the school year, and I can't believe how quickly April has arrived after such a long fall.

At GOTR on Wednesday, we did a short lesson because our weather was so awesome and got outside quickly for some extra laps. I really wanted to get in 3 miles, but was only able to do 2.67. I came home and did 2.34 more to have 5.01 for the day. Friday after school was another beautiful day, but I knew I wanted to do my long run for the week on Saturday morning, so I elected to just walk 2.25 miles Friday evening. I was hoping this would also help to loosen up my calves for Saturday morning.

Thankfully the weather for the weekend was beautiful. Sunshine and 60's. My goal was to do eight miles Saturday morning. I made sure to get up and get going somewhat quickly so I didn't somehow talk myself out of it. Like I mentioned earlier, it was a little bit boring. I thought a couple of times that I might just do six miles....I had planned a six mile route back to my house so I could get a drink because it was a little warmer than usual. I tried a lemon sublime Gu packet a little before I got back to my house. I left a cup of water on my porch so I wouldn't have to go inside. Probably a good idea so I didn't have extra reason to end my run. I just stopped quickly and finished the last 2.25 miles close to my house. It felt really good to have my long run done before lunchtime on a Saturday. On Sunday, since the weather was perfect again, Matt and I took a 3.4 mile walk on the trails in our neighborhood. This brought me up to 18.91 miles for the week.

Even though this week's runs were a little on the boring side, I did get to listen to some of the new music I added to my playlist. It did make a small difference in the monotony of the miles I was running. Next Marathon Monday should be a little more exciting. I registered for a race at the last minute! More details next week!

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