Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Today is an exciting day! It marks halfway through my pregnancy! I just googled how many days that equates's 139. It's hard to believe that I've been pregnant that many days. It doesn't seem like that long. I'm currently anxiously awaiting summer, and time off from school, to really start checking some things off our very long list of things to do to pretend like we are prepared. And of course to spend some time by the pool. Here is this week's wrap up!

How far along? 20 weeks!

How big is the baby? The size of a banana....I would really like someone to explain to me how it goes from looking like an heirloom tomato to a banana in a week.  

Maternity clothes? Still a no. 

Sleep? I feel like I've already slept my last good night's sleep for years.

Symptoms? Still whack dreams and being hungry. 

Best moment this week? 
We bought a crib and some other items for the baby's room. Also, Matt could feel the baby move for the first time. 

Food cravings? Still fruit, this week the grocery store had cherries! And chips of course. And I might have eaten Nathan's ice cream for dinner one night. 

Food aversions? Currently, there's nothing terrible, but I could still leave meat our of my diet and be happy. 

Still in question. 

What I miss? Sleeping on my stomach.

What I'm looking forward to? Our midway ultrasound on Monday!

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