Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Love

It's been awhile since I had a {Friday Love} post. Mid-week I started to feel the cabin fever pretty badly, so I decided to start keeping a to-do list (this post will help me check something off) to feel a little more productive in Quinn's downtimes. I feel way better with my little list of projects. Here's a little list of some things I have been enjoying. Beware the 'new mom problems/items.' Sorry! Enjoy your weekend


The Boppy. If you don't know what a {Boppy} is, it's a 'C' shaped pillow marketed toward pregnant people so you put it on your baby registry. At first I was like, "Boppy, schmoppy, I am no fool, I will use a regular pillow." Then I was like, "What the hell, just scan it and put it on there." OMG. I seriously can't live without the boppy. I am so glad I have this thing. I don't know how I will go anywhere without it. How will I hold a baby for extended time in public without the support of the boppy? I'm nervous. Also...I have one improvement for the boppy. You might see me on Shark Tank featuring boppy with cup holder.


Family of Three. So it's a pretty big transition going from our simple couple life, to a family of three. We are still majorly learning about everything, but so far things are pretty good. If it weren't for the night, things would be easy most of the time. While Matt and I are both learning to deal with extreme tiredness some days, Quinn is very worth it. She is a great baby. I consider her a good sleeper, and even then I say you don't know tired until you live with newborn. It's so fun to think about what she will be like and think about the things we will do as a family. I'm so excited it's the weekend so that we can have our family of three time for the next two days.


Butternut Squash. I have been enjoying some roasted butternut squash in our vegetable line up the past couple weeks. I suggest you buy some this weekend. Toss with some olive oil, salt, and pepper, roast in your oven until tender, and enjoy. I have a better recipe than that for next week :)


Microwaves. I mentioned in my last post that our microwave died a terrible death and I've been missing it. With baby Q, I can never finish a cup of coffee while it's hot, and now I can't just stick it in the microwave to heat it back up. We are also eating lots of leftovers recently...another reason to miss the microwave. Our new one gets installed on Monday!


The Return of My Legs. You might remember from my weekly pregnancy posts that my legs were formally beyond recognition at the end of my pregnancy. Someone even called them memory foam legs. The nurses at the hospital poked at them all the time. I'm so excited to tell you that I'm back to my former skinny toed, narrow heeled, tiny ankled, and non-inflated limbed self. So great. I'm enjoying wearing shoes again too!

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