Monday, November 9, 2015

In the Past Three Weeks

In the past three weeks:

  • I've had a 40 hour labor followed by 5 hours of pushing
  • I've had a C-Section
  • I hemorrhaged a few hours later
  • I've had a blood transfusion
  • I have some unexplained high blood pressure
  • I had a 6 day hospital stay (I've never been happier to leave a place, and I'm pretty sure this made coming home with a newborn seem like the easiest thing in the world comparatively). 
  • Between Quinn and I, we have had more doctor appointments than I've had in years
  • Our toilet broke
  • Our microwave broke (I don't even love microwaves, or use mine that much, but really you never know how convenient one is until you are living without one)

It's been a crazy whirlwind for sure. To say that motherhood started off a little rocky (mainly with the birth, medical emergency, and lengthy hospital stay) is putting it lightly. Matt and I are getting use to our new normal. What a huge learning curve! We have already learned lots of lessons, and continue to learn new ones each day. All of the crazy events have been worth it though. Quinn is doing great and I am recovering slowly but surely. Matt is doing a great job as a new dad, Quinn loves listening to him talk to her. 

Today is our first day by ourselves. Matt was home with us for the whole hospital experience and the first days we were home from the hospital, and my mom stayed with us last week. My mom took care of some serious business while she was here...the laundry (since she's the queen of laundry), groceries, making all the meals, cleaning, taking care of our appliance issues, and just helping us take care of baby business so we could have a little break. 

On our first day alone, Quinn and I successfully made it to one of my doctor appointments and Quinn was such a good baby! Really, Quinn is a very good baby in general. I feel like I might jinx myself, but she's usually very pleasant, easy to soothe, and obviously we just think she's the cutest :) 

We have also had some fun in the past two weeks we have been home. Quinn exercised her right to vote on election day, she's strolled around the neighborhood, and had quite a few visitors. We are very thankful for our friends and family to have sent us/brought us dinners, sent us cards and gifts for Miss Q, and for everyone who has thought of us and sent messages offering love and congratulations! We are very lucky to have so many wonderful people around us!

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