Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Today vs. Four Years Ago

4 years ago
Four years ago, Matt and I got engaged on Skyline Drive! It was quite an adventure! We told Quinn the story today, and it only seemed fitting to point out both members of my family have tried to kill me. Just kidding (sort of!).

Today we decided to venture out to celebrate our four year anniversary, and the new member of our family. We had been wanting to try the new farm to table restaurant, Birch Kitchen and Bar, up the street, so we went for lunch. I had such high hopes for this place, but was so, so disappointed. Both Matt and I were. Quinn slept the whole time, so she was pleased. I mean maybe it will improve, but as of now I definitely would not go back. It was still nice to get out and about, and to be able to spend the day as a whole family :)


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