Friday, October 7, 2011

11 Garner Court

My junior year of college I lived in 11 Garner Court on Garner Street in State College, PA. It was one of the most fabulous years of my life. It was the year I turned 21, I mostly had to worry about going to class, and I lived with some of the best friends any girl could ever ask for. I wish there could be more years in my life like that. The girls I lived with that year were my core group of friends throughout college, and I am lucky enough to have most of those girls still in my life on a regular basis. Why am I telling you this today? Because I am spending the weekend in Pennsylvania at the wedding of my friend, Melissa. I feel the need to share a memory about dear Melissa.

Everyone deserves an all out celebration for their 21st, especially when you go to PSU. Well Melissa was leaving 11GC (as we fondly call it) for Austrailia the semester she would turn 21. Obviously this was unacceptable. We had to work this out. We threw Melissa a pre-21st birthday. It was also a surprise. As I recall, seven years later, I was in charge of distracting her and walking her around town in frigid temperatures while party decor went on. I really ran out of motivation and lies quickly and I believe she was onto something. I finally got her to the restaurant when I was supposed to. The real party started when we got home, however. There was obviously some age appropriate beverages and somehow the delightful young ladies I lived with decided to have a cake fight. If you know me, you can imagine my reaction. I had these people on a chore chart (not kidding). They were cleaning with toothbrushes the next day and butter knives to get it out of the grout (again, not kidding). Melissa was also somehow scotch taped to the kitchen counter.

Just a little snapshot of the good old days. Congratulations Melissa and Ted!

Just a little FYI about this pic. I believe this was actually taken on my 21st birthday...which is probably why I look like I'm dying. And one very key member of 11GC is missing. Miss Rachel is not pictured because this is before we knew her. She was the lucky person who sublet Melissa's spot in 11GC when she left for Austrailia. And my friend Nicole (all the way to the left) did not live with us she was an honorary member. And let me tell you I found some classic pictures while trying to find one of all six of us. 

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  1. Erin, i just saw this entry! I def. wrote about the waterbattle and cake fight on Melissa's wall along with my congratulatory message about her wedding a few weeks ago! Hysterical! Obvi it was most def one of the best college memories i have. Tied with the VChair (not sure who else reads this blog so i'll keep it low key) obviously. ha

    I miss 11GC and everything/everyone that went along with it.

    Also, please note how tan and tired we all look in this pic! love it. <3