Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Flying Solo

When I first moved to Northern Virginia I lived by myself. I had this bomb apartment in a bomb location. I often reminisce about those fantastic 2.5 years, much to Matt's dismay, as my fabulous single days. These days I live in what is a very nice condo, in an OK location, with a wonderful boyfriend. The past week, however, I have been reliving my single days. I get about 3 more days of said singledom until I have to share my space again. Matt is out of town so the 709 is all mine. It's pretty awesome.

Now, please don't worry for my marriage before it ever happens. I love Matt. I love when he is home. In fact I'm sure of the fact he is over me throwing fits about how he should spend more time with me, but having my own space for a period of time is so great. I can have the whole bed. I can lay in bed a drink coffee and watch TV without waking people up. I don't have to clean up messes and the apartment actually stays clean after I clean it. On the contrary, I have to wash the dishes by myself. I don't wash dishes at all anymore, actually. Matt almost always does them. I guess singledom has some downfalls.

On Friday I am flying to Boston to join Matt. He is currently there visiting his family. He was in Chicago all of last week for work. My parents are also coming to Boston on Friday because our parents have actually never met. Should be an exciting weekend :) Starting with Friday the 13th...

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