Monday, January 30, 2012

Weather and Wedding

I know everyone else is thrilled about this 60's in January stuff, and it's lovely to see the sun, but where is the snow?!!? Seriously! I have yet to reap the benefits of one single snow day. I mean it's the only teacher "bonus" I will ever receive. I am very hopeful for a large February storm. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. It better not snow on August 12th in Pittsburgh, but I guess I could have some pretty nice snow pictures if it did. 

Speaking of wedding...not much else to report. We are at a slight stand still, it might be because I got a little lazy on the planning. I decided we have to do something wedding related next weekend, so I gave Matt some options; get fitted for a tux and pick out groomsmen attire or register. He was not super excited about either, but I did schedule an appointment to go to Men's Warehouse on Saturday. I'm sure Matt plus fashion will make for a wonderful Saturday afternoon :)

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