Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nuptial News

Remember how I mentioned that I did something cutesy for my bridesmaids? Well this is it. I made paper dolls of the bridal party. This is the one I gave to my sister and her husband. They got the full bridal party cause he is going to be a groomsmen as well. The other bridesmaids just got a set of girls. Kinda lame, but still kinda cute. 

I got a few other things for the wedding done over break as well. I picked out some flowers...which I am going to keep as a surprise cause I can't give all the wedding details away. Flowers was a slightly anxiety provoking appointment because you just give all these ideas and pick out random flowers, but you don't actually get to see the finished product until the day of the wedding. And what are you going to do if everything turns out ugly 5 hours before you are walking down the aisle? I'll keep my fingers crossed. 

I also chose a photographer. Slightly less anxiety provoking since you can at least see on the website what the quality of photos is like. You can check out Michael Will Photography here. He is also super nice and good with email and punctuality. Bonus in my book. Well that's the latest in wedding world...next up...cake?!?!

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