Monday, September 3, 2012


View from our balcony.

How is summer over? So unfair. I guess I am trying to hang on to the last bit of it by posting about our honeymoon. Matt and I had a wonderful time on our honeymoon in Hawai'i. I wish there was somewhere like it closer so we could just go anytime we wanted. We had a good mix of adventure and relaxation. We also had some nearly serious mishaps. I lit myself on fire...sustaining only a burn on my arm and some seriously singed hair. Matt had an allergic what we still aren't really sure. And I lost the rental car keys, but luckily got them back soon thereafter.

Red Sand Beach on the Road to Hana
On to the more exciting things. We used the guidebook Maui Revealed all the time. I had never used a guidebook really, but this thing was AMAZING. It had tons of hidden spots mapped out, all the best places to eat (that actually ended up being the best), and literally covered everything. I would highly recommend Maui Revealed to everyone. The best meals we ate were local food. Seriously if I could have one thing from Hawaii it would be the food. Everything is so fresh and so delicious. I ate so much Ahi Poke, fresh fish in general, and Hawaiian lunch plates it was borderline out of control. It was hard to go back to cooking most nights when we got back.
Haleakala Summit
Haipau'ena Falls on the Road to Hana

As for adventures we drove to the summit of Haleakala for sunrise and traveled the Road to Hana. Definitely some of the most scenic parts of the trip as well as the most adventurous. We did a small drive around West Maui doing a couple of hikes and a lot of snorkeling. We actually did a lot of snorkeling in general...once with a whole bunch of sea turtles right outside our hotel. That was pretty awesome. They were huge! Of course we had a lot of beach time as well. I'm so sad it's over...I hope we can go back soon :)

Sunrise on Haleakala

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