Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Love(s)

It's been awhile. Soooo to make up for it this will be a multi-topic long post. Sorry! Nothing is really going to be related to each other so bear with me.

1. Penn State. I have contemplated for the past few weeks about writing a post on this season of football. It's been an incredibly emotional year to be a Nittany Lion. I decided against writing a post about it because in the end the haters are going to hate. I am very proud of this years team, however. And yesterday on Facebook my sister really summed it all up:

"I am so proud of Penn State. W. Soccer is going to the championship game, Wrestling and W. Volleyball are #1 in the country, Bill O'Brien is Big Ten Coach of the Year (no doubt because of his and the players commitment to each other) and we are approaching another February where students will dance for 46 hours to raise millions in the fight against pediatric cancer. This just scratches the surfa
ce of Penn State. I hope with each accomplishment the haters and critics feel a bit more idiotic about things that were said over the last year and I have no doubt students and alumni will grow prouder and become more "obnoxious" to the outsiders. But, who knows, I hear its all about football at that school..."

2. Thanksgiving. We had a very enjoyable trip to Boston to visit Matt's family. Although we were nervous about what airport travel could bring, everything went very well and the flights and airports were all that packed in my opinion.

3. School. The BES bears are restless! I typically have lots of events the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it has been quite busy in the mental health department. I might have to pull out my direct access to Santa ASAP. Did you guys know that Santa can listen through the intercom in every classroom?!? This is probably not PC.

4. Christmas. Today we got all of our decorations up. And this Thursday I am going to the National Tree Lighting. My friend at work had an extra ticket and invited me...we have actual seats. I will get to see Michelle, Sasha, and Melia's outfits up close and personal! Pictures to come!

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