Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits (from the Elementary Friends)

Remember how I said the natives were restless? Just a few reports from the day:

Teacher One: Found out one student was selling advertisements for a play a couple of kids are writing and another student is starting his own lotto, while at lunch a student hit another kid because he had to break up with his girlfriend. To end the day a crazy one of my special children answered a math problem correctly and turned around and said "are you going to clap for me now?"

Teacher Two: Student: "What?! You're not married yet? Well better get a move on Grandma." Of course, said student said this after kissing the counselor's hand & then lamenting when he heard she was "a married woman."

Yours Truly: After telling a student to stop kicking himself in the head, "I will not stop. I am not your pet." This after a 45 minute battle over a spirit stick with the reindeer name Dancer on it.

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