Monday, December 31, 2012


This will be a short post...I felt like I really had to reach 100 posts for 2012, not leave it at 99 for the year. It's been a great year with the obvious highlights of getting married and going on a great honeymoon. I can't say it's going out too well...both of us had a little stomach bug so our New Year's plans are canceled. Typically I am the one that gets sick since I have one of the germ-iest jobs on the planet, but this time Matt got it too and I'm experiencing my first "man-sickness." 

Let's just hope he's better by tomorrow. Tomorrow Matt goes to New Orleans for work and I get to join him Thursday night. I'm super excited. I have never been there and am very excited to add Louisiana to my 50 states goal. So, my blog friends, if you have any New Orleans tips, please send them my way. I hope you all have a Happy New Year and a fabulous 2013!

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