Thursday, January 24, 2013


Yes. I did attend a political event. The things you do in a marriage. I did get kinda talked into it, but I feel like living in Northern Virginia it was something I should do while I'm here. It was a nice first and last time experience. Getting there was actually much more pleasurable than expected, minus the wake up time on a day off. We took the metro and had little crowds or problems.

We had tickets from Matt's cousins who weren't able to make it. And just a word to the wise, I wouldn't do Inauguration without tickets. It's hard enough to see anything with the tickets so standing back by the Wash Mon would not be my idea of a good time. We hit the crowds when we had to go through security, but once on the mall I never felt too crowded. I also stayed warmer than expected. The actual program was nice, but I missed actually getting to see people close up.

After Inauguration ended is when the real adventure began. Getting home was a feat. We couldn't even get near a metro downtown. Like people traffic was stopped a block back from the metro stops and roads were blocked for us to try to pull local moves. It was a disaster. We ended up walking back to Virginia. Six. Miles. It started out fun, but about 4 miles in, and 3 clothing layers deep I was done. In the end I'm glad I went and glad I got some exercise, but I predict some televised Inauguration in 2017.

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