Sunday, February 3, 2013

House Hunters, Northern Virginia

If only house hunting life was as fun, easy, and exciting as House Hunters on HGTV...if only. We started considering the possibly of buying awhile ago, but got more serious about it around Christmas time. As I'm sure many of you know the rental prices of the DC metro area are extreme. It just feels like lighting a match to our bank account every month. Buying something would be about the same or less than we pay in rent. So we started looking at houses at the beginning of January.

We have learned a bunch since then. The saddest fact is that when we do buy something we will be saying goodbye to our lifestyle as we know it. As Matt would say "it's like we are moving to actual Virginia." At first I thought this was a ridiculous statement, but it's true. To be able to buy something in acceptable condition we have to move much further from the city. There will be no metro adventures on a whim or a quick car ride into the city. Our DC adventures will be fewer, but I think what we have discovered is that it's worth the move to Virginia, but it's still sad in a way. At the same time maybe I can start storing my wine glasses in the kitchen instead of next to my sweatshirts in the bedroom closet.

So dear friends, cross your fingers for us in this process and it's ups and downs. And maybe start planning your trip to visit us in the real Virginia.

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