Friday, May 24, 2013

Emergency Funds

Back in the day, before I met Matthew, I didn't really completely understand the phrase "8 month emergency fund." I have come around the last four years. I now know and understand more about finances than your average chick. One might even say I like having a financial discussion every so often. I might even go so far as to divulge I have spent quite a few Saturdays planning my nightly activities around the Suze Orman Show (cringer).

Anyway, nothing really makes you understand the importance of an emergency fund the way you get repeatedly smacked in the face financially as a home owner. Just this past week alone I have figured out how to fix a running toilet (and it was not the flapper, friends), remount a toilet paper holder, continually bought tools and investigated how to re-manicure my lawn, and then there was the the real kick in the butt - I accidentally ripped our pedestal sink out of the drywall. I'm fairly certain I have never been so angry with myself. I'm still a little in disbelief it happened. Now, not only did that happen last Saturday night, but this week it's been in the upper 80's and lower 90's here in the Old Dominion state. Matt and I usually try to ride out the high temps with windows open as long as possible, but Tuesday night we caved. I turned on the air and about 45 minutes later it was no cooler. I checked stuff then went outside and realized nothing was going on out there, even though it sounded like something was blowing inside. After trying all suggestions on my new handyman consultant the internet, I didn't get anywhere. Side note: google and youtube are saviors when it comes to home repair.

I went to work on Wednesday and got advice from every coworker that would listen to my tale of woe. They all gave me suggestions, I tried them, and I still had nothing. Then I remembered an electrical box that was the source of much contention during our home inspection and negotiations. I played with some red thing in there that people kept pulling in and out and realized that when I put it back in a little window said off so I flipped it around and it showed another window saying on and suddenly the fan started moving and it was buzzing about. I think I literally jumped up and down and screamed. I thought I would die from happiness. Throughout the day and when I got home and tried all suggestions I was completely convinced I was out 5K on a new air conditioner. I'm still so happy about that stroke of momentary genius, but I guess now I have to go back to facing the facts - I have ripped drywall in a bathroom. It's possible this could never end.

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  1. Oh, Suze! Every time I see Suze Orman, I have fond memories of our time in Northern VA. For the 3 years we lived there, if Derek & I were home on Saturday night we would almost always watch that show together and have conversations about our finances. Between Suze and the Dog, we were obvi meant to friends. :)