Saturday, May 4, 2013

Suburbia: Week One.

Here are some lessons learned this week:

7th Floor Living: Remember in my "things I will miss/not miss" post how I mentioned I was ready to not deal with an elevator and living 10 stories up from my car? Well, turns out it did have some benefits. Now I realize I can't just have my windows open all the time cause people can see what I'm doing all the time. Good thing I adjusted quickly to my ground floor living.

Yard: Currently it's a jungle. I would love to pay someone to revamp it. Condo yard lifestyle is a lot less maintenance.

Channels: So one of the reasons we almost didn't buy our house is because our HOA fees are super high. The reason they are super high is because it includes cable and internet. Well we set up our TV and stuff last weekend and HOLY CHANNELS! OMG! You might remember when we went through the big cable debate in 709. Well this is a world of difference. We have networks called "love," "drama," "WE," and most exciting of all game show network and big ten network!!!!

Stairs: What a pain in the ass. Enough said. 

Role Reversal: For the entire time we lived in 709 I had to get up earlier to get to work. Most of the time when I left Matt would still be sleeping. He would always make fun of me for going to bed early. How times have changed. Matthew has to get his butt out of bed unless he wants to miss the train into the big city. I have also received many texts about how he needs to go to bed early.

Bus: Monday morning I was getting ready for work and I heard what sounded like fighting and arguing. I thought the people next to us were like fighting or something. So I looked out the window expecting to see neighborhood drama. That's when I remembered we now live among many, many children...including the children who are of the wonderful middle school age. It was just boys being boys waiting for their bus. 


  1. Have your father come down to revamp your yard. His is the family standard.

  2. He's actually on his way this morning.