Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This Happened

Tuesdays Top Three Events:

1. Matt just turned to me serious as ever as we are watching Sex in the City....it's one where Carrie is dating Aidan. He says, "do you think I look like him?" I said, "not really." Then I thought to myself "why is he asking that"...so I ask, "why do you think you look like him?" Naturally his answer was yes. So modest.

2. Today a baby chick hatched at school. So creepy yet so cute. I can't wait to see his fluffy self tomorrow at school. I might steal it for my country home...then return it when it's an ugly, squawky chicken.

3. So picture this: I'm teaching first graders today. They are sitting on the carpet and I'm imparting the wisdom of The Rainbow fish on them. Mid story a kid leaves the carpet and walks over to his desk. I decide to keep reading and keep him in the corner of my eye. He pulls a book out of his desk and I'm about to be like get your little self back here and listen to my story when he bolts to the bathroom with his book. I was at this point in hysterics by myself and completely distracted. He remained in the bathroom forEVER!

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