Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Saying Goodbye

Now friends don't get me wrong, I am excited that Matt and I became real grown ups with a mortgage last month, but I've been feeling a little sentimental these past few weeks. I have come to love my weird neighborhood and my teeny tiny condo these past three years. I'm a little sad to go. After all, this is mine and Matt's first home together, and I'm sure the walls could tell some stories about my crazy antics. I was thinking that I should create a list of all the things I will miss and all the things I am excited to be leaving so that I can hopefully look back at this blog in a million years and remember 709 fondly. Ugh, I love the name 709!

Things I will miss:
Urban eateries...I can hardly bear the thought of this, really. Chain restaurants or long drives are in my future. I know it.

Wegmans, Fairfax. 

Metro Access.

Proximity to DC.

Up-and-comingness: For the past three years I have really had to work had to explain where the Dunn Loring/Merrifield area is to people. No one really knows about it. It's becoming a hot spot, seriously. We suffered through the ridiculous amount of construction for 3 years (and still going) and now we leave when its getting cool. Typical.

Tyson's Corner: (sort of).

Things I am so happy to be done with:
My commute: and when I say my commute I mean not only the mass amount of miles I drive a week, I mean the waiting for the elevator, my journey through the parking garage, waiting for the gate to open, trying to make a left out of the front of the building every morning at rush hour...rant over.

Constant Construction.

Living up the street from INOVA Fairfax: I mean I am glad my life could be saved next door, but the constant ambulance and life flight sounds will not be missed

The little parklet thing they built next to me...the dogs seriously have taken over and they bark all the time.

Carrying groceries up 10 flights: When I say carrying, I mean carrying from the trunk to the elevator and again waiting for the elevator for what sometimes feels like an eternity.

NO SPACE: OMG...I can't even describe to you how creative I have been with storage and organization, especially post wedding gifts. Maybe I'll even get to use some of my wedding gifts.

Paying rent.

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  1. Welcome to the suburbs, where the players don't play because they're old and can't afford it! Oh, and on the driving to unique restaurant finds, sorry to say you're right on that. But Gainesville is about to get a tad more sophisticated- http://www.VaGateway.com/homepage.cfm?id=7