Monday, October 19, 2015

Life Lately

It's been awhile since I posted anything but a recipe or some weekly statistics about Baby K. I suppose baby prep has been keeping us busy, and sometimes I just don't feel like mustering up a blog post. So before life changes forever here are some random thoughts and things that we have been up to...

Fall: I love fall! October is one of my favorite months of the year! We are finally cooling off in Virginia (it's actually very cool the past three days) which is makes it feel like we should be doing fall things. We also get to open the windows! We visited a farm up the road last weekend to pick some pumpkins and we've been enjoying some more fall-like recipes at our house. I'm even liking some butternut squash this year. Stay tuned for a recipe.

Football Season: Probably the best part of fall is football weekends! Sadly, though, none of my teams are very stellar this year. Saturday mornings we start off with College Gameday and then we are usually lucky enough to get the Penn State game each weekend. Steeler games are a little harder to come by on Sundays with the DMV having two home teams, but the Steelers are usually 3rd in line so that's good. We shouldn't even get into how bad my fantasy team is this year. Embarrassing.

On Being Overdue: I'm five days overdue. It's weird. It's like we are living on the edge. I'm OK with it. I'm enjoying the simple life, but I have to tell you I was pretty much checked out of work toward the end of last week, especially when the doctor told me there would be a good chance to have the baby last weekend. I'm not really sure what the baby is doing in there, or when it thinks it should come out. I have walked and walked some more, I've had my membranes swept (TWICE), I've had some spicy food, and all those other things people think you should do...I've done some of them, but Baby K just hangs out like nothing happened.

TV: I'm glad fall TV is back. We have been enjoying Wednesday night TV at our house, and of course Shark Tank, one of the few agreed upon shows at our house. And have you been watching Jeopardy? There was a contestant that was on a roll and highly entertaining, but his run ended last week. We were a little devastated. Lastly, we are currently using a trial of Amazon which I discovered they carry The Sopranos. I have been wanting to watch that show for a long time. Critics rank it up there with Breaking Bad and Mad Men.

On the Last Days of Being a Party of 2: Matt and I have very much been enjoying, and taking advantage of, our last days as just the two of us. This pretty much means we sleep in on the weekends, leave our house on a whim, go out to dinner, and basically just enjoy our life of leisure. It's weird to think that I'm going to leave my house one morning and come back with a different life.

Stay time you hear from me I will actually be With a Little Flare :)

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