Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Love

This Friday is hard to love. It's my last Friday of maternity leave, next Friday I will be among the working crowd. I'm just a little bit in denial about the whole thing. I'm so sad to be leaving my Q, but I still have some days left and we are going to enjoy them. 


Maternity Leave. Oh how I have enjoyed my weeks at home with Quinn. I just can't even imagine doing motherhood and work right now, but I know people do it and we will both be better for it. I figure I will need to see the counselor (HA!) at work for about two weeks since I will be sad, we will be finding a new family routine, and I will just be in general overwhelmed with missing out on almost three months of school.


Gingerbread Lattes. My mom has been visiting to keep us company the past few days since Matt is out of town. Today we decided to celebrate Friday instead of be sad about it. We took Q to her favorite, Target, and got gingerbread lattes while we shopped. I do love an occasional gingerbread latte even though I do not like sweet coffee. I always make a point to get one during red cup season at Starbucks :)


Making a Murderer. I noticed Making a Murder was quite a trending topic on the Today Show and social media, so I jumped on the bandwagon. I have watched seven of the episodes. It's awesome! I highly recommend, especially if you were a Serial season one fan. I can't wait to see what the last episodes hold. And then I can't wait to talk about it with someone and read all the things online about it. It's been hard to wait.


Board Books. Because when I can't think of anything else to do, we read a book. Plus I love books and reading and want Q to share that love.


Three Playoff Teams. All three teams the people in my house collectively pay attention to have made the playoffs. The Steelers squeaked in last weekend, the Patriots are the Patriots, and the Redskins somehow clinched their division. I've decided the Redskins are our number three team because it is Q's hometown team, and we do get stuck watching them on Sundays. Anyway, hopefully we will get to share the post-season excitement longer than one week.

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